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accusation. >> not since donald trump has investigators sent with the birth certificate of president obama. >>> now, i want to play you another clip, mark, of what nancy said last night. she also tried to implicate me. for the record, i did find it very fetching. do you have any other suspects? >> don't try to throw me off the set. don't try to throw me off you, anderson. i've already told you geragos. too much of a straight guy to wear a pair of handcuff necklaces. he would never think to spiel like you. >> out of the three of you, i would say that geragos would be the type to steal the necklace. although you're pretty daring. i mean, look at his face. >> where does one get a handcuff necklace? >> if that doesn't scream guilt. >> she's basically saying you look like a neef. how do you respond? >> you remember that nancy grace's initials are n-g. not guilty. so understand something. by monday, my investigators are combing this area where we are right now. and i can't disclose the location. and we will have answers by monday. >> now, i've got to be honest. if nancy grace was conducting this
' election as poep and in front of new crowds in rome. >>> and president obama is wrapping up his trip to the middle east, and he also made stops in israel, the best bank during his trip. and he called on israel to start direct talks with the palestinians, and helped to broker an apology over the deadly commando raid, and pledged $200 million in aid to cope with the refugees from syria. >>> the concurrent resolution is agreed to. >> move to reconsider? >> without objection. >> the senate has passed a budget. >> you heard it here, right there, the senate has passed a budget. it's the first time the senate has done that in four years. by the way, it's the job of your elected officials to have a budget every year, and anyway. it followed a marathon vote-o-rama. lawmakers burned the midnight oil and then some, and the democratic sponsored proposal has a $1 billion preduction in spending. >>> all along the east coast, a bright streaking fireball caught peoples' attention last night. did you see it? if not, look here. it was captured by a dash cam in washington. it was probably a meteor. bec
with president obama a couple days ago. remember this past week marked the tenth anniversary of the start of the u.s. war in iraq. we'll have much more on this in the show with a live report from bagged it. >>> for you new this morning, military officials have identified the quantico marine base gunman. 19-year-old sarah castramoto and jacob woolly both shot and killed last thursday on the marine base there in quantico. authorities believe 25-year-old lopez from the pacifica california shot both marines before killing himself. it is still under investigation. >>> new york mayor, michael bloomberg, is behind a new round of ads that are aimed at gun control. mayors against illegal guns. they've actually got $12 million worth of airtime for this ad. >> my dad taught me to hunt and i'll teach my kids. i've owned a gun all my life and i'll fight for my right to keep it. background checks have nothing to do with taking guns away from anyone. closing loopholes will stop criminals and the dangerously mentally ill from buying guns. that protects my right and my family. >> this effort is a group's
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3